Dr. Wilco has been a relentless researcher in the fields of health and nutrition for over 20 years and has personally dedicated his life to the diet and lifestyle that he recommends. He believes there is a diet that the human species is biologically designed to thrive on. It is this species-specific approach that has promoted the unconditional radiant health and well-being that he enjoys.


After obtaining several certifications in Nutrition, he completed a Ph.D in Natural Health and Lifestyle from the University of Natural Health, USA. As a Hygienic Doctor, Wilco follows the Laws of Nature and looks to Mother Nature for the answers humanity needs to regain its pristine health. Combined with his studies, his own health journey, and years of life observations, Wilco has helped many individuals succeed on their path to better wellness. He encourages anybody to change their direction for the better--"As your health truly matters."


He is the founder and CEO of 'Your Original Health' and he has been helping people change direction to better health for the last 20 years. He loves to empower people. He is also a published author, speaker, and creative raw chef. He believes that pure health manifests when re-connecting with nature and to adhere to its biological laws. He also "Practices what he Preaches” so he knows how to be successful on this pure life-diet.


He is presently living on the beautiful island of Mallorca, in the Balearic sea, where he is holding retreats and health lectures to help the world regain its health. There is much to be done, but we can only do our best to move to a better understanding of the role we play in our natural environment with all its living creatures and the food that is grown to sustain and nourish us.



Please book your health consult with me when you feel that you will need help with your new health path.


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