Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth

''Discover How To Slow The Aging Process, Lose Weight, And Eliminate Chronic Pain''


I'm Dr. Wilco, author of "Your Original Health," and I want you to enjoy more energy and vitality in your life, without spending a fortune or resorting to harmful pills or surgeries.


Did you know that a 'Plant Based Diet' is the path to restoring true health and vitality?


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 "We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can

nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are"

                                                                                                                                                                     Adelle Davis


"I never thought I would be so inspired by this. After my little girls health drama I see now what you are talking about. I am inspired by your words. They are straight forward and to the point. I like it that you do not sugar coat anything, as you call it. Thank you again for the sincere interest that you showed into helping my family. Keep up the great work!"        Petra B. Toronto, Canada

I'm Your Secret Weapon In The Quest For Health


There's a lot of confusion out there. Fad diets, a misguided medical system, snake oil salesmen. You might be wondering what the truth is when it comes to health?


I know how you feel, which is why I'm devoted to helping people like you learn to thrive and build real, lasting health.


Remember, health is a process, not an event.


Make sure you have the information that will keep you and your family healthy and free from disease.



"Thank you for my diet advice. I am still lifting weights and feel a lot stronger with your recommendations. Never knew that bananas are so powerful. Convincing my friends to sign up with you as well. Thank you again."      Hans Bremen, Germany



"Can You Pass The Health Class"?


Please take a moment to sit down and join school. This short class will give you an idea if you are in need for a drastic or slight 'Diet and Lifestyle' correction.


It is FUN, and educational!!


"Because Life Is Precious"

Transformation Course

''Research Has Proven Mother Nature Was Right All Along''

*  Knowledge is power. And when it comes to your 

    health,this is more important than ever.


*  There are many dangerous foods, harmful industries 

    and hidden agendas  that will only make you sick.


*  You need to learn how to protect yourself.


*  You need to learn how to regain your 'Original Health'

    and live your life as it was intended.


*  Discover how to keep you and your family healthy and

    'Free' from disease.





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"I am very happy with the personal service I received. I love the food he prepares. I am cleansing and rejuvenating my life. He was and continues to be professional and helpful on my change of diet and lifestyle."     B.K. Sotogrande Spain

"Our beautiful bodies are the vehicles for our beautiful spiritual experience"


                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Wise Proverb



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