Health Coaching

It is important when wanting to succeed -- to create a new 'Foundation.' A new belief system that will support your new path. Allow me to 'Guide' you on this road to better well-being.


At your convenience, we will 'Meet-up' and lay down the basics for what it will take to 'Take Charge' of your health. We will look at your diet history and present goals (please complete our health ´Questionnaire´ first). Most people, we have learned, prefer to take on this new challenge in 'Baby Steps,' as they say. Many lifestyle addictions need to be addressed and our goal is to find better alternatives so that you can ease into this new way of eating and living without any real issues. We know that it is difficult to let go at times, so we will give you the best of 'Support'. "Testimonials"


             Please find below the save and convenient 'Payment' options offered by


Time Packages


If you have already an idea how much 'Coaching' you'll need then please choose one of the 'Time Plans' that you find in the 'Drop-down' menu of the PayPal button. And of course, the more hours you choose -- the more reasonable the prices become.


Your hours are usable in any area that you feel you need help and can be used any time you need them. They can also be used for any 'Workshops' that are held by 'Dr.Wilco' here on Mallorca. This is the perfect way for you to get started.


Some suggested areas where they can be used: Consulting - Kitchen Demo's - Shopping Assistance - Detox Retreats - House Cleaning (we will inspect your immediate environment for health deteriorating Toxins) or use them for your 'Private Cheffing' option when you do not feel like chopping yourself. So it is time to make a commitment and commence your new path sooner rather than later. Call or email us now!


I am also available for the following:

                                                                        *  Natural Health Talks

                                                                        *  Group Health Retreats Seminars

                                                                        *  Private and/or Group Health Classes



"Vitality and beauty are gifts of Nature for those who live according to its laws"


                                                                                                                                                          Leonardo da Vinci


"I met Dr Wilco a few months ago and he helped to start my journey through raw food! I really thank for his help!! Since I started his program I began to feel more awake and energized. Everything start to go better: my health, skin color, my mood, I feel much more energized. As a weight lifter everyone was saying that I was going to lose weight and muscle, because of the low intake of protein! What a myth!!! Isn't true at all!! I just feel fantastic, it is a big experience!! He helped me much and I am happy! Keep on raw !!!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Luis Leao, Murcia, Spain



"Can You Pass The Health Class"?


Please take a moment to sit down and join school. This short class will give you an idea if you are in need for a drastic or slight 'Diet and Lifestyle' correction.


It is FUN, and educational!!


"Because Life Is Precious"


Please book your health consult with me when you feel that you will need help with your new health path.


We can chat through "Skype" or "Zoom." Let me know any additional information in the "Comments" section when booking that I will need to effortlessly connect with you.


I look forward in talking with you.


Thank you.

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