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 I interviewed Amy back in 2011 and it truly was a day to remember. She is a true inspiration when it comes to living with nature with its 'Bio-chemical' laws in place. Although her lifestyle is admired by many, most people cannot even start to imagine living like she does. When I am asked about this I always say that even though we cannot all live in the jungle, we can still implement many positive changes to our lives, wherever we are, and live as pure and clean as possible.


 Here I explain in more detail the philosophy of 'Your Original Health.' The difference between; Cooked and Alive food diets, nature's Bio-chemical laws and the overall connection that we have with all things living. The deeper understanding of this view is the first step towards improving your present health/weight status.


Tom is a character, as they say. His story about traveling down the Pharmaceutical road has been nothing but sorrow. His ordeal is not unique as many people are 'Stuck' to as what to do when your prescribed medication is not making things better, but rather worse. Luckily for him it did not defeat him and he searched for alternatives. After adapting an 'Alive Food' lifestyle he lost weight, improved his vision, and removed his chronic complaints. A true inspiration!


 Kayla has a similar story. Born with poor functioning kidneys she was quickly told by the medical industry that there is nothing that can be done and she has to learn to live with her condition which over time could only get worse. Her inspiring journey to better health proved to me that we indeed can reverse our health situation by taking control through supporting our physical body with natural foods. Enjoy!

    (as of 2nd of June 2024 this video was removed from YouTube,   

          which is NO surprise as they have been censoring truth

                                       for years now. )


 The following is an older video, but a true 'Wake-Up' call for the populations as it explains how we are being conditioned and controlled as a species and included in this control is our eating of the foods big companies produce. For many this truth is difficult to digest as they feel that they are still in control, but make no mistake about it, 'Subliminal' messages are integrated everywhere into your life and so then your food choices. Take a moment to learn how it is all set-up.

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