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Welcome to my 'Store' where I offer you various products that will help you on your way to better health and create more awareness for all. Browse my great range of 'Health Promoting T-shirts', or have the same design printed on your favorite item. Furthermore, the 'Second' edition of my book is out which will guide you to your 'Natural Health' in TEN easy steps. I have also several 'Raw Food' preparing videos and recipe books out for your convenience. So please take your time to shop and start to feel better about 'YOU'.

T-Shirts For The HEALTHY Mind

(and Accessories)


The world is rapidly changing and our diets and lifestyles are at the 'Heart' that will create better lives for us all.


So we need to 'Spread' more awareness for a better world that is literally in our hands. We can all help to share knowledge and do our part to 'Wake-up' our neighbor and the whole neighborhood.


A 'Fun!' and colorful way to do this is to bring this awareness to the streets, in clear view of people in your: town, city, or world. These powerful images and 'Phrases' are here for you to wear, to drink from, to carry with, or have them on any other desirable item you choose.

                     For; 'Men - Woman - Children - and Pets.'


So please visit our 'T-Shirt Shop' and become a part of the (R)evolution!! ('Click' to ENTER here)

'Your Original Health' Book

The Second Edition of Dr. Wilco's great book is "NOW OUT!"


'Your Original Health'

The Key to Health Freedom


For when you need to end the confusion and want to find your own 'Health Empowerment.'


This is the hard copy (220 pages) which you can order and have shipped to your home.




  Please find here some EXCERPTS to this great book, to give you an idea of its dialogue. Please enjoy!

   Please find below the 'Option' to buy this great

   book in a 'PDF' and 'Flip Book' format. Download, and

   watch on your iPad, Kindle, or other viewing device.


BUY NOW for ONLY 7.99 euro


   Please find 'Further On' the Special Offers on 

  'Recipe Videos and Books' so you can awaken the

   chef inside of you for -- energetic health, ideal

   weight, anti-aging and radiant well-being.


Please VISIT my Health Program page for more info


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Brighten up your raw kitchen and enhance your cutting skills with this 'Empowering' apron. Made of durable material with authentic bright colors.


One size 'Fits All' in three inspiring colors: Black, White, Red.


'Order Now' for the holidays this smart looking apron that will be appreciated by any chef.


This quality product for only 32.95 Euros (shipping within Europe included)


Please book your health consult with me when you feel that you will need help with your new health path.


We can chat through "Skype" or "Zoom." Let me know any additional information in the "Comments" section when booking that I will need to effortlessly connect with you.


I look forward in talking with you.


Thank you.

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