Private Retreats



I offer you the possibility to 'Retreat' at your own home, hotel, or place of your choosing. My retreats can be catered to your personal desires and specifications. If it is 'Detox' you require -- Consultations -- Yoga -- Food Workshops -- or the 'Whole Package' -- I can accommodate to your every need.




I enjoy to help you on your way to better health and perfect weight and I believe that you will have faster results when done in 'Steps', as everybody is unique and needs a different approach to success.


I understand that 'Food' plays an important role for anybody who decides to 'Embrace' a healthier lifestyle so we will make sure to give you a 'Yummy' experience. Please explore our 'Kitchen' to what this entails.


Please choose any of these 'Retreat Options':


                                                                        *  Detox

                                                                        *  Relaxation

                                                                        *  Active

                                                                        *  Chronic Reversal

                                                                        *  Anti-Aging

                                                                        *  Lifestyle Change


Please book your health consult with me when you feel that you will need help with your new health path.


We can chat through "Skype" or "Zoom." Let me know any additional information in the "Comments" section when booking that I will need to effortlessly connect with you.


I look forward in talking with you.


Thank you.

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