Raw Food

At all our retreats, workshops, and private cheffing classes; 'Raw Food' will be the center of the kitchen. Alive foods that come from 'Mother Earth' and so designed to bring us unconditional health. Learn how to bring together these nutritious delights for optimum nutrition.


For anybody that is new at this a whole different world will open up: Raw lasagna, Sushi, Spaghetti, Carrot cake, just to name a few delicious recipes that you soon will be enjoying and preparing yourself. The raw food movement is most definitely not a trend or a temporary fad. It is here to stay to change and teach the world a more sustainable food source and lifestyle for 'Radiant health.' So join us at any retreat or book your own private one. Preparing your foods for the day has never been more fun. So, -- "What are you waiting for?"


NOTE: We are also available for assisting at other retreats, or for any catering event that requires delicious raw cuisine. Please contact us for more details. We will be more than happy to help you pass on the message of this amazing healthy lifestyle.


And as the most famous of all health quotes goes:



"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


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