Water-fasting is a very misunderstood, fear-based, ancient old natura' practice that is finally getting more recognition as the numbers are coming in from people benefiting from this 'Save' cleanse. It is important to know that it is highly recommended to undertake a water-fast under supervision, especially when going longer than two weeks. A water-fast in itself is no miracle-cure-it-all as many people believe, but only a very thorough way to give the body the opportunity to do what it does best --


"To Give You Health"


Besides offering my clients to go for the 'Deep Cleanse' with only water, we also offer 'Juice Fasting' because often it is advisable not to remove 'Toxins' too rapidly, as many folks systems are very obstructed by years of poor dieting. Juice or vegetable fasting is very effective as a cleanse as well, but because a person is still eating it takes a while longer before a deeper cleanse is achieved.



                                                "Water is the driving force of all nature"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Leonardo da Vinci



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