To be able to build a new foundation we need to remove the older one. Depending on the stability of the previous structure we have usually several stones to remove -- to put it analogically. Everybody's background is different and depending on your level of 'Toxicity', we advise to remove excess 'Debris' from your system before we commence to build anew.


Detox is popular, but we hold a more deeper and truer understanding of the word and acting out of it. Meaning; we understand that only the body itself can instigate a detox procedure and not, contrary to trendy beliefs, a pill, juice or any other type of concoction. Detoxing is a more than natural action of the body that takes place at any given moment and does not need any direct outside assistance.


We offer several different ways for a person to 'Detox'. The most effective ones being; 'Water and Juice Fasting'. As we are all at a different 'Toxicity' level we will determine after your 'Consultationswhich option will suit you best.


We also support other peoples detox retreats with;

  •  Motivational Talks
  • Juice and Food Preparations   



                          "To eat is an necessity -- but to eat intelligently is an art"

                                                                                                                                                                          La Rochefoucauld


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